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1. Abstract

The XXIst century represents an era guided by highly rapid technological advancement. As a result, the global human connection and the digitization of markets have become fundamental for most human-performed activities, most of which require a connection to the Internet.

The Internet is a global network that connects users worldwide via smart devices, regardless of their geographical location, in order to facilitate the exchange of information. In an industry currently controlled by monopolies, we emphasize the free exchange of information between users and we aim to give any desiring human the opportunity to transmit any type of information while controlling both their own connection points and the integration process into the Global Internet Network.

Our solution gives people free internet access and connectivity. Furthermore, it empowers them to control the process through their smart devices, as mentioned, regardless of their location.

Smart devices are evolving rapidly as they have to meet the ever-changing needs of the users. Moreover, these smart devices possess resources that can be utilized and integrated into the Internet of Things concept.

A global network of smart devices can provide computing power and storage capacity in a decentralized manner that will provide environmentally-friendly benefits. The users will no longer have to discard their gadgets once their specifications become obsolete and can extend the devices’ lives by continuing to make the most of their resources.